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How Web Content Can Shorten a Complex Sale

Something I found on David's Squido Lens referencing his Marketing Profs article.  Worthy to pass along especially for my friends that are selling High-Tech Solutions. - JQHow Web Content Can Shorten a Complex Sale by … [Read more...]

Things to ask before you redo your website

By Seth Godin.Things to ask before you redo your website I don't do any consulting, but that doesn't stop people from asking me questions. The most common question people ask me when they want a new website is, "If you were in charge … [Read more...]

That Time of Year – Budgets

Yep, it is getting close to that time of year...the time to do the Budget for 2010.  Well for most companies working on a calendar year anyway, now is budget time.Let's see, how do most companies create the budget? ...Look at last year, add or … [Read more...]

Mediocre Marketing

It is simply amazing the amount of mediocre marketing on the web today.  It shoudl not really surprise me, since I have seen mediocre marketing in print, radio, outdoor, and TV for years.  Now it has moved to the web as well.I spent the better part … [Read more...]

Knowing your Market

In today's economic climate, it is very important to know your customers and prospects.  You might have listened to them prior to the economy going south, but have you talked with them recently?  I mean really visited and found out what their needs … [Read more...]

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