Archives for May 2013

eBook: Personal Branding for your Job Search

As part of my volunteer work with a local career networking group I decided to write a helpful guide for people to use to help brand themselves when looking for work. … [Read more...]

The Impact of Poor Customer Service on Sales and Marketing

True stories of Customer Service from a Customer POV What has happened to good customer service? Where did it go? Seems the recession has certainly impacted how customer service has been delivered by two companies I have invested time and money … [Read more...]

Why do you BUY where you do?

Part 2–Familiarity In my previous post, I addressed how TRUST impacts your decision on where you do business. This post I will address how “familiarity” is one of the first steps in building trust. Introducing your business to your Buyers (i.e., … [Read more...]

Why do you BUY where you do?

Not really a strange question.  You buy from certain businesses for a variety of reasons; location near you, selection, price, service or any combination of the reasons. In a recent conversation with an automobile dealer he told me the number one … [Read more...]

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