About the Marketing Engineer Blog

Jeff WQuandt, The Marekting Engineer Blog, Inbound Marketing and SEO champion.I started the Marketing Engineer Blog to help my clients and network understand newer concepts in marketing in the digital age.
As a marketer trained in traditional marketing, I realized that how people began to solve their business problems or make purchase decisions, has shifted to doing Google Searches. As a result, if a business does not have an optimized digital presence, they will not be included in the prospects decision process.
I love to solve problems and I know from other family members that went onto becoming engineers – and in a way my father who was a self-taught engineer – engineers basically solve problems. Well then, why can’t marketers become engineers as well? Thus the name “The Marketing Engineer Blog.”
I hope you find the information here useful. If so, please send me a comment or be sure to add a comment to active posts.
Thanks and best wishes.

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