Apple Sells One Million IPads in 28 Days –


Apple Sells One Million IPads in 28 Days –

Who sells a Million anything in 28 days, besides Walmart? I doubet even Walmart could sell a million of one item in 28 days that is priced around $600 each.

Have you ever wondered why Apple is so successful in tapping into unmet needs and capitalizing on it with new products? 

How do they take and develop such amazing items?MP900316938[1]

I used to be an “Apple Addict” way back in the founding days of the company.  My first computer was an Apple IIe which I purchased back in 1983 and owned it for 10 years. I constantly tweaked and improved on it; with the last improvements in a 1 MB memory board and 10 MG Apple Sider hard drive.  It served me well and my two sons, but the company changed with the two Steve’s (Jobs and Wozniak) both out of the company back then and lost me like probably hundreds or thousands of others.

I ended up on the Microsoft Windows side of the world of business computing, but still marvel at how Apple has successfully carved a devoted following in its niche.  Seth Godin would say that Apple found its Tribe.  David Meerman Scott and Adele Revella would say they know their Buyer Personas and are developing solutions – not products or services – to buyer problems.

Probably all this and more. 

The more is how they actually develop new products, like no other company in the world can.  They build fully working prototypes of 10 concepts.  From what I read in a blog posting “Why you can’t Innovate Like Apple” Apple doesn’t just make working prototypes of its final concepts.  ALL its concepts are fully functional and working models and from there the final selection is made for further development and completion.  WOW, that takes a ton of cash, but think of the rewards.  Creating fully operational prototypes of its concepts going from 10 to 3 to 1, and then making a selection from the one that will ultimately go to market.

No wonder they are creating winners.

Will I go back to using an Apple?  Maybe someday.  I know people that have them an love them.  In my brief stint and a advertising agency, I used a MAC.  It was OK, but for me frustrating that being so used to the Windows world; it was tough with MACs being so mouse driven and I am used to keyboard shortcuts. Today I have three Windows 7 based computers (love the new OS) and a Windows 6.1 mobile device.  So even if I am currently stuck in the Microsoft world for now, I still marvel at how Apple hits home runs. You should too and think of how you might be able to tap into what Apple does for your business.

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