Cutting the Cord and Why Cable TV Providers Just Don’t Get It

New Year’s Resolution: Cutting the Cord It’s January 2nd and I have completed one of my New Year’s resolutions!  I have joined the 22 million other people that disconnected from Cable and Satellite TV in 2017. Why I Cut the Cable TV Cord TV Our … [Read more...]

The Impact of Poor Customer Service on Sales and Marketing

True stories of Customer Service from a Customer POV What has happened to good customer service? Where did it go? Seems the recession has certainly impacted how customer service has been delivered by two companies I have invested time and money … [Read more...]

Why do you BUY where you do?

Not really a strange question.  You buy from certain businesses for a variety of reasons; location near you, selection, price, service or any combination of the reasons. In a recent conversation with an automobile dealer he told me the number one … [Read more...]

It’s Free, So How Tough Can IT Be?

Three Tips before you create your own social media business page. I run across businesses all the time that think since Social Media is FREE that they can easily set up accounts, profiles and business pages. They think by doing it themselves they … [Read more...]

Sprint Customer Care…less

Recently I had the opportunity to experience Sprint Customer Care up close and personal.  I have been a Sprint wireless customer for many years with my first Handspring Visor with a Sprint Springboard cell phone module.  I was an early … [Read more...]

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