The “New Normal”

Just heard Dr. Marc Siegel on Fox News talk about the Boston Bombing and closed his segment with the term “new normal.” That brought to mind the book I received from a chance meeting of Mike Donahue of R5 Productions at a coffee shop recently.  … [Read more...]

Aaahh, the Good Old Days. Why Traditional Marketing is not as effective.

TV changed a lot about marketing.  In the 1950s it became the way to communicate with the masses.  You had three maybe four channels in a market (not including public television, which was commercial free), with a variety of local and … [Read more...]

Does your company have “vision”?

Having a vision for your company is not the only thing needed to achieve that vision and be a success, but without vision, businesses will wither and die. Jim Collins in his Book “Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies” says that … [Read more...]

The Signs of the (Economic) Times

During every downturn in the economy, companies tend to cut back in expenses in most all areas. Payroll gets cut as does marketing and advertising. Have you noticed the number of blank billboards along major stretches of the Interstate?  I … [Read more...]

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