Here’s why it is important to add security to your WordPress based Website

Chances are if you built your own WordPress (WP) website or engaged a designer to help you create a WordPress based website, the typical set up for the first user account uses the default user name “admin.” … [Read more...]

Guidelines to Submit Posts for LI Group Discussions, Promotions and Jobs

I posted this set of guidelines on a LinkedIn Group and thought it might prove useful to others.  While focusing on the specifics of LinkedIn Groups, the concepts inside this post can be applied to most any social networking site. … [Read more...]

WordPress 4 Out of Beta and and Ready for Updating your WP website, but WAIT!

It’s official WordPress 4.0 is now out of BETA testing and available for updating any WordPress website. But not so fast on the upgrade. First three words: … [Read more...]

Using the 4-1-1 Principle with Social Media

Now you might think this post is about getting Information or Directory Assistance. It is more about information on how you should use social media. Social media is meant to be CONVERSATIONAL Too many times I see businesses and consultants use … [Read more...]

Losing Trust and the Impact on Your Business

The past several posts I have written talked about how you gain and build a relationship to build trust so people will do business with you. Once you have earned someone’s trust you need to continue to cultivate the relationship to maintain that … [Read more...]

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