Reviews, Recommendations, and your Business’ Reputation

Many times I see businesses ignore one of the first tenants of social media marketing…and that is to LISTEN. It is actually more than that as not only should they be actively listening to what might be said about them or their business across not … [Read more...]

Why is it so Difficult to Use QR Codes or MS Tags?

This certainly seems to be the case. Even major companies like LOWES can’t get it right. … [Read more...]

It’s Free, So How Tough Can IT Be?

Three Tips before you create your own social media business page. I run across businesses all the time that think since Social Media is FREE that they can easily set up accounts, profiles and business pages. They think by doing it themselves they … [Read more...]

Aaahh, the Good Old Days. Why Traditional Marketing is not as effective.

TV changed a lot about marketing.  In the 1950s it became the way to communicate with the masses.  You had three maybe four channels in a market (not including public television, which was commercial free), with a variety of local and … [Read more...]

Why Your Web Site needs to be Search Engine Optimized.

The Internet has changed the way “people” solve business problems and make purchase decisions. No longer is it just OK to have a web site.  That is so web 1.0; when your business was not cool if it did not have a web site. Still businesses are … [Read more...]

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