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Yep, it’s Totally FREE You have seen them and perhaps even scanned them.  You know, QR codes and Microsoft tags. The novelty of them has worn off and you would think that as adoption has increased, the correct use of this marketing tactic would … [Read more...]

Why is it so Difficult to Use QR Codes or MS Tags?

This certainly seems to be the case. Even major companies like LOWES can’t get it right. … [Read more...]

Failing at QR Codes business are now finding it chic to use the latest new toy in the marketing arsenal: the QR Code.  QR code creators free and … [Read more...]

QR Codes, Microsoft Tags and Marketing

Here are a few examples of QR codes and Microsoft tags I have seen recently. DC Circulator I was in the Washington DC area in early April enjoying the Cherry Blossom Festival and sharing time with my son and his wife. To get around the DC area we … [Read more...]

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