Don’t Forget to Update Your NAP

Moving to a new location can really be a pain; packing, moving, and unpacking. There are many things you have to do as well: Switch phone service Move internet service Change of Address for mail service. Did you forget … [Read more...]

Improving Your Local SEO

In August of this year, Google added the ability to create posts on your Local results. For any brick and mortar location, driving prospects to your business, is important.  Accessing Google My Business is one way to add a message that will last a … [Read more...]

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words…but Not to Google

The old truism about a picture being worth a thousand words is mostly true when a human looks at it.  To Google and other search engines photos and images used on your website or social media have no words and will appear to them as blank sheets of … [Read more...]

SEO Lift is NOT an Overnight Success

I thought of naming this post something like: Why do businesses grab at straws to improve SEO? Some businesses are looking for immediate results once their website has been optimized. Look, the latest shiny thing to boost your SEO! They might … [Read more...]

SEO for Any Business: Topic at the Bellevue Chamber May Luncheon

Gain a better understanding on how you can implement some simple tactics to improve your SEO – Search Engine Optimization – for your business at the May Bellevue Chamber Lunch. I am humbled to be the keynote speaker at the May 11th Greater … [Read more...]

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