Are You Keeping up with WordPress Updates?

WordPress just released its third update (WordPress 4.4) so far this year (2015). While three updates may not sound like much, this is the most I have seen in WordPress updates to the main core of what comprises over 30% of all websites … [Read more...]

“WARNING: This Site May Be Hacked”

Recently I was asked to help a local business clean up their website as Google had flagged it as a HACKED website.  Perhaps when you have Googled a search term and the organic results came back and one of the results was a site you want to see, but … [Read more...]

Here’s why it is important to add security to your WordPress based Website

Chances are if you built your own WordPress (WP) website or engaged a designer to help you create a WordPress based website, the typical set up for the first user account uses the default user name “admin.” … [Read more...]