Is Your Site Secure? Does it have a SSL / TLS certificate added?

Man Holding SSL poster | On-Q Marketing the need to have an SSL TLS certificate on your website
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Do you conduct any eCommerce?

The search engines are now factoring all websites should have a SSL / TLS certificate applied.  This provides a basic level of security that will show the visitor they are on the correct website and any communication between the website and the end user will be encrypted.

Not Secure website URL | On-Q Marketing Your website needs a ssl tls
  • SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer
  • TLS stands for Transport Layer Security

If you conduct any eCommerce transactions through your website, you may need a higher level certificate; requiring a larger certificate investment. I say “may,” if you move the payment process off to a third party like STRIPE or PayPal, their transaction window will provide the higher level certificate needed.

How much does a certificate cost?

This is a great question.  This varies upon the hosting firm.  For example, websites that are hosted on inMotion, WP-Engine, Flywheel, Bluehost, and some others, the certificate is included in your hosting fee.

Hosts like Godaddy, NameCheap, charge a fee and this can vary between the hosting company/  Godaddy for example charges $75 a year for a basic certificate, NameCheap only $29 a year.

I have found another firm that sell certificates from $8-50 a year, depending upon your needs.  It does take a bit of time on my part to buy and install the certificate, where getting a certificate through a hosting company can streamline the purchase to installation process. Still this process may be a very affordable option for you not only to secure a certificate, but to also pay for the renewals. Yes, you will need to renew the certificate. I like to buy a certificate to coincide with the website hosting renewal.

You may have also heard of Let’s Encrypt, which offers basic certificates for FREE.  On some hosting platforms, they may have a fast process to obtain and install a Let’s Encrypt certificate.  Others, you need to secure the services of a programmer to secure and install.  In that case it is cheaper to just buy the certificate through the hosting company or have me get one for you.

Bottom Line in SSL / TLS certificates

You will need to buy and apply a certificate to your website. Without a certificate, you site will loose SEO and ranking value. That means your website will be less likely to turn up in a search when a prospects is looking for what you do.

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