It’s April; How are You Doing on Your Digital Marketing New Year’s Resolutions?

new years resolution list. The Marketing Engineer Blog by On-Q Marketing .If you are like a lot of people, myself included, whatever plans you may have laid out towards the end of 2016, have fallen by the wayside. We all have our reasons or excuses, but the bottom line, the best of intentions is worthless unless there is specific action.
Certainly, for whatever reason, things have gotten busier. Could be the change in leadership (and I use the term loosely) in Washington DC, general optimism on the economy, or a combination of reasons. Maybe for you as well. This has certainly brought a focus for me to revisit my goals for 2017; one of which is to write “Q-Tips – Digital Marketing Ideas for Your Business.”
Another is this post, creating content on my website that will increase its ranking. With all the changes in the SEO space since the first of the year, still the best investment you can make in your Digital Marketing program is to create content like a blog post. A short read on the Alexa Blog “How to Rank on Google: 3 Ingredients for Reaching #1 in Search” points out that it is content, content that people want to read, and Google knowing it, are the three ingredients.
Understand and think like your prospect
Understanding your market or prospects and customers, what they are willing and interested to read or view, forms the basis of your content. Focus should be on ONE set of keywords and not everything your do. Take for instance in this post I am italicizing several sets of words that are related; Digital Marketing and content creation. I also placed “digital marketing” in the headline. Setting these words in ital or placing them in headlines, brings additional interest by the search engine to your content for indexing. Just like it brings more interest by your reader to the words in ital.
After all, search engine algorithms are written by people. Google, being the “big dog” of search engines, tends to dictate the future of search. Their focus for the past several years has been about the “best possible user experience.” Terms like “semantic speech,” “normalized content,” and “human speak” have come into the digital marketing space.
You have to sometimes get out of your space and place yourself in the mind of a BUYER or PROSPECT. The focus needs to be on them and not you and your business. You wand and should provide usefull information that doesn’t sell yourself except that of a Subject Matter Expert.
If you have any questions, simply reach out to me using the contact form.
Thanks and have a great 2017 and dust off that list of New Year’s Resolutions and get to work.

BTW, I will get a round to implementing the other goals I have for this year.  Some will be very visible and others behind the curtain.

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Jeff Quandt is an Inbound and Digital Marketing Strategist and owns On-Q Marketing LLC. He helps businesses get found in a Google Search bringing prospects to business' website to generate leads.

Then through Inbound Marketing tactics qualify the lead, nurture the lead, and ultimately converting the lead/prospect into a customer.

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