Keep Your Customers Engaged, Even When They’re Out of Sight | Owners Only | BNET

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Keep Your Customers Engaged, Even When They’re Out of Sight | Owners Only | BNET


Actually, I found this article bear out the truism that if you continue to market during a down economy or when sales are tough, ultimately when the economy recovers, you will be in a better position to grab market share and increase your sales faster than the competition.clip_image001

For example, Ford ran a campaign during WWII called “There’s a Ford in your Future.”  This was breakthrough marketing since so one could buy a new car during the war as all production was converted to war materials. It also promised a new life-style when products would be available after the war.

Many people living today – myself included – do not have any recollection of the war.  Those that lived through it wondered if it would ever end. It seemed through 1944, there was no end in sight. Even after the war was won in Europe, there was still a long and increasingly difficult fight in the Pacific.  How much is that like today where we have no idea when this economic downturn will end? Seems endless, no matter what the politicians say or do.

People forget how much the last big recession may have impacted their lives.  Seemed endless while in the depth of the recession.  Once over, life moves on, forget about it, that’s history.

Marketing during and through a recession has to be done smartly and economically with efficiencies to best reach the intended market.

Today that include using Social Media, but that is a post for another time, or you can read some of my older posts on the subject.

End it will and to those that market belong the spoils.

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