Need to find a social media tool?

Tom Martin, one of the marketing “explorers” I like to follow, mentioned a new social media tool on his latest Positive Disruption post called Hi.Im.  I found this to be a neat tool to share information about yourself in a short concise way; similar to a business card.  Discussing the features and benefits of how Hi.Im would be a tool for a social media marketing strategy is not the purpose of this post.

What I did is conduct a search for Hi.Im using Google and Bing to see what might turn up and here I found Go2web20, which is a one-stop location to find a social media site that might have a place in your social media marketing program.Go2Web

Here you can search social media sites by keyword/topic using the search box, or by clicking on the “tag” of interest in the light purple box.

Scrolling over the top of any logo shows a brief description of the site and you can click on the icon for more information about the particular tool.

This may be placing the cart in front of the horse, as prior to any social media marketing program you need to conduct a “listening” program to find out where your market is talking about you or your business on the web.

Still if you ever wanted to know how many tools are out there, or what they might be used for, this might be a good place to start.

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