Here is a Quick Way to Improve your Facebook Page’s Organic Reach

Ever wonder why your Facebook posts are being seen by fewer and fewer people that LIKE your page? This is know as Organic Reach.  Your post updates (content) on your page and you see that fewer and fewer people are seeing your updates. Facebook is … [Read more...]

It’s Free, So How Tough Can IT Be?

Three Tips before you create your own social media business page. I run across businesses all the time that think since Social Media is FREE that they can easily set up accounts, profiles and business pages. They think by doing it themselves they … [Read more...]

Social Media is a revolution in marketing.

I recently read in the Thoughtpick blog post “social media is not just a platform for easy and simple advanced online marketing, it is also the revolution of our century!” Advertising Age contributor, Bob Garfield in his book “The Chaos Scenario” … [Read more...]

Help! My Facebook Page isn’t working.

A friend of mine recently showed me that his company had a Facebook page and said it did not seem to be delivering results.  The company is a technology company that sells to other companies; B2B marketing. You can read about what I think about B2B … [Read more...]

“Create a Facebook Page for my business”

Sure there are millions using Facebook, and perhaps it might help your business, but just because other companies are jumping into the Facebook section of the social media swimming pool, does not mean you should. Before any business jumps blindly … [Read more...]

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