The Impact of Poor Customer Service on Sales and Marketing

True stories of Customer Service from a Customer POV

What has happened to good customer service? Where did it go?

MP900422358[1]Seems the recession has certainly impacted how customer service has been delivered by two companies I have invested time and money over the years.  They used to be flawless in the delivery of their solution to my problems; accessing the internet and doing my taxes.

The story about H & R Block

For the last five years I have used H&R block software to do my taxes. One of the great tools they offered was DeductionPro.  This tool allowed me to track my deductions throughout the year; primarily for charitable deductions. This has been offered for the past several years online via SaaS. The database was stored locally.

Well in December of 2012 disaster struck.  H&R Block became a “block head” and discontinued the DeductionPro Service without telling anyone. Gone was the ability for me to upload my database and continue entering additional deductions.  I contacted their customer support via chat and phone.  They convinced me it was now included as part of the TaxCut software package for the 2012 tax year.

I purchased the Home and Business edition like in the past. I could not locate the DeductionPro software in the downloaded program. I searched the help files which only took me to the website that told me DeductionPro was no longer available online.

After another call to support they lead me to where it was located in the program. Believe it or not, there was not anyway possible for me to upload my year’s worth of information in to the program.  I would have had to re-enter everything all over again.  Then there was not anyway for me to track deductions for 2013 throughout the year. What idiot in charge thought of killing a solution without a way for users to salvage their information for that tax year?  I knew I was not alone as checking their Facebook page, I found others upset about the decision as well.

TurboTax to the rescue

Since I needed to re-enter everything, I investigated other options and jumped ship to Intuit’s TurboTax and their online solution “It’s Deductible.”  Not only was it seamless to do my taxes this year with the It’s Deductible SaaS also being a using of Quicken made it a snap to import my business information as well.

Bottom line: 

  • Poor customer service gets talked about,
  • Good customer service is expected. and
  • Great customer service gets rave reviews.

All I can say is “Well-done Intuit”…now don’t repeat the mistake that H&R Block made.

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Then through Inbound Marketing tactics qualify the lead, nurture the lead, and ultimately converting the lead/prospect into a customer.

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