The “New Normal”

Just heard Dr. Marc Siegel on Fox News talk about the Boston Bombing and closed his segment with the term “new normal.”

Reinventing My NormalThat brought to mind the book I received from a chance meeting of Mike Donahue of R5 Productions at a coffee shop recently.  Mike wrote a book called “Reinventing My Normal” which he gave me a copy and I have started to read.

The book is intended for young people that have gone through a tragic experience, be it sexual abuse, parents divorcing, acts of violence or other issues that can derail a young person along life’s path.  There are never any guarantees in life which is why I think why my parents always reminded me that “the world does not owe you a living, you have to go out and make one on your own.” I would often say it wasn’t fair, to which my late father would say, “Yep, it’s not fair, because it is a “’circus’.” I rarely understood what he meant.  I guess it would take time and experience before I fully understood the double entendre in his sayings.  Now I find myself using the same sayings with my kids. Funny how we turn into our parents.  I work at making sure it is only the good things and shun the bad.

The victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing will certainly have a “new normal” in how they go forward in life from this point on. Some may fall into the “pity party,” others will take up the challenge and find new ways to live under their “New Normal.”

I also see people trying to deal with the “new normal” in their lives due to unemployment or long-term unemployment/underemployment in this flat economy.  I volunteer at a local community group on how to use LinkedIn for a job search, and personal branding and how job candidates need to market their skills and abilities differently.  They need to face the “new normal” in how employers go about the hiring process to fill open positions.  How the job seeker needs to package himself or herself differently in order to reach out to the “hiring manager.’”

Even I have had to cope with my “new normal” after working for someone else for years, finding myself unemployed and now working for myself. It is not easy and it is not fair (I know dad, it’s a “circus”) but I still get up everyday and continue to market my business in the “new normal” I find myself in.

I guess as Americans we are all living under a “new normal” – the economy, terrorist attacks, etc.) and we will have to embrace it with all the gusto and optimism we can. Maybe we should all be reading Mike’s book and find ways to adjust our journey to fit the “new normal.” It seems to be a good read and one that makes a lot of sense.

About Jeff Quandt

Jeff Quandt is an Inbound and Digital Marketing Strategist and owns On-Q Marketing LLC. He helps businesses get found in a Google Search bringing prospects to business' website to generate leads.

Then through Inbound Marketing tactics qualify the lead, nurture the lead, and ultimately converting the lead/prospect into a customer.


  1. Tracy Keith says

    Nicely done, Jeff.

  2. Tracy,

    Thanks. I appreciate your acknowledgement.

    When I heard Marc Siegel say “New Normal” writing a blog post came to mind on how each day we can all face a new normal, big or small. It is about how we have to deal with life gives us. We can certainly try to change those circumstances that we can or accept those that we cannot change. It is up to the individual.


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