WordPress 4 Out of Beta and and Ready for Updating your WP website, but WAIT!

Wordpress for Websites, Update 4.0 Now out. The Markeitng Engineer blog.

It’s official WordPress 4.0 is now out of BETA testing and available for updating any WordPress website. But not so fast on the upgrade. First three words:

Backup, Backup, Backup

My three words of wisdom here before you do any updating to your WP based website; Back IT Up.  If you do not have a backup routine already installed just go to Plugins, Add New and type in “Backup.”  You can check out a number of different options.  I have been using the back up tool Updraft Plus Backups. This plugin allows me to back up my entire site and upload it automatically to my DropBox cloud storage. There are many other options for cloud storage or downloading the site to your local computer. It is always best to install plugins through your WordPress dashboard and not downloaded from a website.

Check Your Website After Upgrading to WordPress 4.0

There are many places you can break with an update like this; themes that have been customized and plugins are the two most common. On one site I was working on, I checked to see if anything became broken after the upgrade and yes, of course there was something that did not work.  I use a plugin to replace the standard visual editor in WordPress as it gives me more tool options.  Well, it broke with the upgrade.  Once I figured that out, I deactivated it, removed it and found a new editor that offers me the same and more tools to work with.

So if you site, at least on the backend in the Dashboard is not working, it is more than likely a plugin that is not “playing well” with WordPress 4.0.

If you have a customized theme and you did not do the customization, check with your website developer before doing any upgrades to WordPress. 

I do not recommend auto upgrades on anything with WordPress. It is usually safe to do the upgrade, but I would rather do them one at a time and have the flexibility to roll it back or disable the plugin.

Why Upgrade WordPress?

When an upgrade for WordPress comes out, or updates to any plugin, it is generally a good idea to do the update. The updates will have more features and enhanced security.  It can also streamline page load speeds which is another important factor in SEO.

If you have any questions, give me a call at 402-953-2340 or fill out the Contact form and let me know what help you might need.

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